Step One

Switch on your tablet and on the home screen, tap on the Settings icon.

If you can't see this icon, you may need to scroll across to find it on the next page.

Step Two

At the very top of the screen you will see four options, click 'General'.

From this area, click 'Application' on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step Three

From the Application tab you will see 'Application Manager'. Under this you can see 'Downloaded'; swipe left until you can see 'All'.

In the 'All araa', scroll down until you can see the icon and text for 'Chrome'.

Step Four

Tap on the 'Chrome' icon to bring up the Chrome settings.  

From this area, tap the "Clear Cache" button.

Step Five

You may also need to clear your general Internet cache, you can do so by clicking 'Application manager' and scrolling down to the 'Internet' icon

Useful tip: all applications are in alphabetical order.

Step Seven

The same actions are required as with the Chrome cache clearing, under the 'CACHE' tablet click 'Clear cache'.

That's It!

Your cache is now clear and you should see an immediate difference in the speed of your computer tablet and your storage availability. 

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