Step One 

Let’s log in to the Capture dashboard using our username and password.  
Once logged in, click on the Observations button.

Step Two 

From the Observations screen, we can see all of the observations that have been made.

Click on the yellow Observation tile to make a new observation. 

Step Three 

Enter a title relevant to the observation, the observation date and all the evidence such as videos, images and documents to support your observation. 

From the Date Recorded field, we can also backdate an observation if you weren’t able to record it as it happened. 

Step Four 

We can upload photographic, video and audio files as evidence to support this observation. 

Step Five  

Use the Notes box to add the written body of the observation and any additional information such as Next Steps. 

Step Six

Select the relevant Class to find the relevant children to tag in this observation. You can then tag the Children by typing their names into the dropdown.

If you are making an observation on behalf of another teacher, use the Tag Other Teacher option to include them in this observation. 

Step Seven

We can now select the relevant Curriculum Areas to go alongside this observation. Use the drop-downs to select a relevant strand and add an attainment level for this observation.

Once complete click the 'Add Curriculum' button.

We can select more than one curriculum area once the first curriculum area has been added.

Step Eight

Using the Report Ready option, we can decide whether or not to create a report based on this individual observation which can be later found in the Reports section of the platform. 

Step Nine

The Link to Observation function allows us to link this observation to a previous observation. This will open a new window where we can search through our past observations list. 

Step Ten

Using the Share with Parents option, we can decide whether this observation appears in the parent portal. 

That’s it! 

Once you are happy with your observation, click the 'Add Observation' button at the bottom of the screen. 


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