Let’s log into the Capture dashboard using your username and password. Once logged in, click on the Compile Report button. 

Step Two 

From here, we select the Observation Report as our report type. 

Under the category 'Select Class', select the class required or 'All of the nursery'

Step Three

Select a child whose report you wish to view - click 'View Full Report'. 

Parent Report and Teacher Report don’t have much difference apart from the attainment levels that appear on the Teacher Report.

Step Four

From within the Child Observation Report, we can use the date selector to create learning journeys that span specific dates.

For example, we can select 1st September and 31st December to generate a First Term Report. Then click 'Apply'

Step Five

To Save the Report, click Save Report at the top of the page.

You’ll be asked whether or not we wish to share this report with parents, select No for now as we want to make some further changes before we are ready to share. 

Step Six

Let’s go back to our Dashboard and select Saved Reports. 

From here we can see a list of saved Reports we have generated using the Capture system.

The most recent reports appear on the top so let’s select the report we’ve just generated. 

Step Seven

We can now see the Report and an Edit button at the top right of the screen. By selecting Edit, we can change the name of the report to something more memorable and add additional notes.

Now that we’ve made our changes, we are now ready to share with Parents.

That’s It 

Click 'Save' and our Child Observation Report is now complete.

To print the report, download the report as a PDF which will allow you to download a printer-friendly version of the report.   

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