Step One

Let’s log into the Capture dashboard using our username and password. Once logged in, click on the Compile Report button.

Step Two

From here we can see the different types of reports that can be compiled, lets select Child Progress Report.

From here we can use the dropdown menu to look through Key Groups and Classes to find the child we want to view.

Step Three

Highlight the child who you want to view and click on the icon in the 'View Report' column.

Step Four

Scroll down to view the Fly Wheel. The Fly Wheel reflects the key achievements of the child across the curriculum.

Each coloured square reflects the age at which the child achieved that particular aspect of learning.

Step Four

Further down the page we can see the coloured matrix diagram. The diagram shows the specific age the child was when they achieved the learning goal. For example, Yellow: 40-42 months.

We can use the arrows to scroll through the age ranges of the child at the top right of the matrix graphic.

Step Five

To save this report click Save at the top of the page, when prompted about sharing the report with Parents, select No as we will make some further changes shortly.

Step Six

Let’s go back to our Dashboard and select Saved Reports.

From here we can see a list of saved Reports we have generated using the Capture system.

The most recent reports appear on the top so let’s select the report we’ve just generated. Click onto the report.

Step Seven

We can now see the Report and an Edit button at the top right of the screen. By selecting Edit, we can change the name of the report to something more memorable and add additional notes.

Now that we’ve made our changes, we are now ready to share with Parents.

That’s It!

Our report is now complete.

To print this report, select Download as PDF. This will allow you to access a printer-friendly version of the report.

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