This report is a great tool for planning your week/month or room around the achievements of your key children.

It can also be used by a manager to view the whole nurseries progressions or for personal development of the staff.

Step One

Let’s log in to the Capture dashboard using our username and password. Once logged in, click on the Compile Report button.

From the Compile Report area, select Class Report.

Step Two

Using the drop down options, we can select the Class or Group whose progress we want to monitor.

Using the Curriculum drown down, we can select a Curriculum Strand to investigate, you can select between EYFS, Outcomes, Characteristics or all of them.

Step Three

After selecting a Curriculum Strand, we can select an area of learning to explore.

At this point we can select “Apply” which will generate a Class Report.

Using the additional drop downs, we can dig deeper into our data to generate a more specific report.

That’s It

The coloured boxes generated in the report represent an attainment level. If an observation is available to evidence this attainment, you can click on the box to open it.

The codes that appear at the top of the report represent the learning goals as specified within the curriculum. Tapping the observation cells will reveal the learning goal title.

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