What is a baseline?

A baseline is an observation of what a child has achieved before they enter your setting. It is important that your child is exceeding in all the areas you are selecting for a baseline. If they are not exceeding in this area, leave it out of the baseline

Step One

Let’s log into the Capture dashboard using your username and password. Once logged in, click on the Observations button. 

Step Two

From this screen we can see the observations that we have made on the Capture system. Select the Baseline Observation button. 

Step Three

Use the drop drop-down menus to choose the class, child and curriculum for the Baseline Observation we need to record. 

Once complete click 'Next'

Once you have clicked next you can start to select the areas the child is exceeding in.
TIP: make sure you click on the exceeding button before you start making areas.

Click 'Next' when you have finished selecting areas.

Step Five

You can now add all the evidence to support the Baseline Observation.

You can add audio notes, images, videos and documents to your observation.

Step Six

If the report is finished and ready to share with parents, scroll to the bottom and choose 'Yes' from the drop-down menus. If you wish to come back to the Baseline Observation and add more to it late then choose 'No' from the drop down menu.

TIP: If you want to show up in the child progress report you need to make sure that the baseline is 'report ready yes'.

That’s It 

Just click the green 'Add Observation' to save your baseline observation.

What does the baseline look like in the child progress report?

The baseline will show up in grey.

Has your child started when they're older or you are transferring over from paper to digital? Then we recommend using a quick observation instead of a baseline observation so it will show up in colour. 

Well done! You've created your first baseline! Need more help? Simply send us an email to support@capture-education.co.uk or send us a message on the help desk :)

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