Before You Start 

Log in to your Capture account using your url and login to admin
Your account will need to have admin privileges to create a new teacher account.

Step One 

Let’s log into the Capture dashboard using your admin username and password.  
Once logged in, click on the teachers button. 

Step Two 

From our Teachers page, we can see all of the teachers that currently have access to the Capture platform.

Click the green “Add Teacher” button on the top of the page to add a new teacher. 

Note: if you can’t see this page or the “Add Teacher” button, you’ll need to talk to your manager as you don’t have sufficient permissions to create a new teacher account.

Step Three 

We now need to enter all of the relevant information to create the Teacher account. 

TIP: It is very important you add your key children to your teacher. We recommend adding all your teachers, then adding your children then going back in and editing the teachers key children.

Once the form is completed, click the 'Add Teacher' button and the practitioner will automatically receive all their login details to their email address.

TIP: You can leave the email address box empty.

Step Four

Complete the remainder of information relevant to this teacher.

You can grant more privileges such as the ability to oversee others’ observations to this teacher by selecting “Senior Teacher” at the top of the page under 'Account Type'. 

Step Five

Once complete, click the “Add Teacher” button at the bottom of the page to save this teacher's account.

Step Six

You can change the status of the teacher to 'Active' or 'Inactive' by clicking the pencil icon under the Edit column. 

If you Deactivate a teacher, they will no longer be able to log in to the system.

That's It!

Click the green "Save" button to save your changes.

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