Adding a parent by generating a code

There are now 2 ways that you can link a parent to a child in Capture. On this article we are going to go through how to add a by generating a code.

You can generate a code in two ways. The first way is to generate a code by individual child and the second way is to generating all children codes at once

TIP: If you generate all children's code, you can download a PDF and print it off.

If you want to add a parent by email - click here

Option One

Step One
First, Login with the account that has the administration privileges.

You will see the following screen.

Step Two

Click on the Blue Children icon.

Now you will see the children list.

Step Three

You can enter the name for a child in the search box or find them in the list below.

To add a parent click on the edit button 

Step Four

Next scroll down to where on the bottom right there is a button called ‘Generate Code’ and then click on this.

You will now see a code has been generated for that child. Share that code with a parent and they can use it to link to your setting and start receiving updates.

Option Two

Step One

On the children's list click " Generate child codes for Capture for Families App"

Step Two

The system will then generate all the codes for the children.

Step Three

Click the check box next to status to select all children or select children one by one.

Then scroll down and press "Download pdf"

What do the parents need to do?

Well done! You've created your first parent! Need more help? Simple send us an email to or send us a message on the help desk :)

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