You have created your photo book and now you're ready to order one. Follow the steps below to order your book!

If you haven't created your photo book click HERE.

Step One

Firstly log in to your admin account and go to the 'Photo books' tile.

Step Two

Once you have clicked on the 'Photo book' tile, tick the photo books you want to order, then click on the 'create order' button.

Step Three

It will then ask you 'Have you reviewed the content of all of the Photo Books selected for this order?'. If you have, click the 'yes' button. If you haven't clicked the 'no' button then go back to the photo book list page and click on the green preview button.  

Step Four 

Fill in your credentials. It is important you do so as this is where the photo books will be delivered to.

Step Five

Fill in your payment details

Step Six

You're all finished! 

Well done! You've ordered your first photo book! Need more help? Simple send us an email to or send us a message on the help desk :)

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