Before you get started

Photo Books are created through children's observations from a selected date. We also do not include group observations into the photo books.

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Step One

Log in to your admin on the web version

Once logged in go to to the dark green tile labelled 'photo book'

Step Two

Now you will be able to see the photo books preview page. You will be able to see all photo books created in the past and any that have been ordered.

Once you're on this page click on 'create photo book' to get started.

Step Three

Fill in all the credentials to create a photo book.

This includes:

Start Date
End Date

It is important you fill out this information to create your photo book successfully.

Tick if you'd like to include observations, titles and observation notes.

Then click on next

Step Four 

Once you have clicked next, you have successfully created your photo book. 

Your photo book will show as pending for a few minutes until it is ready. It will also tell you how many pages are within the photo book and how much it will be.

Step Five

After you have waited a few minutes you will now be able to preview your photo book. Click on the green preview button.

Click on the arrows to look through the pages of your photo book.

Now you've created your photo book are you ready to make an order? Click HERE for the how to guide!

Well done! You've created your first photo book! Need more help? Simple send us an email to or send us a message on the help desk :)

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