Before you start

Do you have the Capture for nurseries app installed and registered? If not click HERE for the how to guide.

When you first log in to the Capture app you need to make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Step One

Once you've registered your app, click on either your initial or your profile picture and  enter your unique four digit code for the first time. (This will be your password from now on so make sure it's one you will remember!)

Step Two

Click on the green button which is titled 'add an observation'

Step Three

This is where you start to create your observation. Give your observation a title e.g 'Harper playing in the sand.' 

Start your post by adding text to the observation e.g 'Today Harper played in the sand with the other children.'

Fill in your next steps e.g.  'Harper will play in wet sand so the sand sets.'

Fill in the date you have recorded the observation. ( the great thing about this is that you can back date!)

Step Four

Next add a picture or video for evidence. You can take your photo/video through the app or add a picture from the gallery.

Step Five

This step is very important. Make sure you tag your child. You can tag several children, or just the one.

Step Six.

Time to add your curriculum. Pick the curriculum you use at your setting.

Once you have picked the curriculum it's time to pick the outcome. Swipe left and right to select the right age band/curriculum strand that meets the observation.

Once you've picked your strand it will come up with three attainment levels. Simply pick the correct attainment level.

Step Seven

It's time to publish your observation. If you're happy with your observation simply press the publish button. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi if you want it to transfer over the web.
Don't worry, publishing your observation won't share it with the parent. 

If you do want to share straight with the parent tap on the share with parent button until it's pink.

Well done! You've created your first observation? Need more help? Simple send us an email to or send us a message on the help desk :)

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