Hi there! Welcome to Capture. Is this your first time logging in? No worries, we're here to help, follow the steps and enjoy :)

TIP: We highly recommend downloading the chrome browser to use Capture.

Step One

Search your inbox and junk for an email from 'Capture Education'

Once you have received your email that you have been set up an account for Capture please follow the 'Create my account' button.

Step Two

Once you have clicked onto the 'Create My Account' button it will take you to the registering account page. Here you can edit your name, add your number and select your password.

* Passwords must be 8 characters long or longer :)

Step Three

This will then take you back to the Capture for Families log in page. We recommend you saving this page to a book mark so you can go back when ever you want :) 


From this page log in with your email and your chosen password.

Step Four

Once you log in you will be asked to accept terms and conditions. Please read through them and accept to continue the account. If you have inputted a mobile number you will also be asked to confirm your number.

Well done! You've successfully logged in for the first time! Need more help? Simply send us an email to support@capture-education.co.uk or send us a message on the help desk :)

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