Linking Your Child to an Organisation

Capture allows a parent to link their children to more than one organisation (such as a nursery and a club) and different children to different organisations.

On this guide we show you how to connect if you have been given a code by the nursery.

Haven't been given a code? 

All of the posts you receive from all the organisations appear in a single useful timeline view.

Linking your child to an organisation is very simple.

First, in the top right of your page, click on the down arrow next to your name.

Then select Children from the drop down menu.

Now you will see a list of your children. If you have not yet added a child then click on the Add Child button.

To Add a child, simply fill in the information required.

And select ‘Add’.

You will now be returned to your list of children and see the new child. To then link them to a new organisation click on the Add button in the links column.

Enter the code that you will have been sent by the organisation and click link.

You will then get a confirmation to say that the link has succeeded.

If you now click on the Home option on the top of the page you will return to your timeline and should now be able to see updates from the organisation and will be able to share your own observations with them directly.

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