Before you Start

Make sure your tablet is turned on, charged and connected to the WIFI. Also log into to your admin portal ready for instructions! 

Step 1

From your home screen find your " google play store " App.

Step 2

Once you have clicked onto the google play store, begin with either logging into your google account or sign up to a new account.

It will come up with an agreement,  just click ok

Step 3

Search for " Capture for Nurseries"

Step 4

Begin to download the App by clicking "install"

Press Accept

Step 5

Once the app has downloaded press open 

Step 6

Once you have pressed open it will open it straight away for you, from the home screen, press register this device.

Step 7 

Open up your admin portal on your desktop, login and press my account

Step 8
Go into device registration, then click enable device registration

Step 9

Once you have received your code, go back onto your tablet and press ready

Type in your code then press register 

Step 10

Find your initials and login and set yourself a code for quick login.

Once you're logged in you can start to make observations, enjoy :)! 

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